Alternative vs. Mainstream Media

Before I begin writing this narrative I would like readers to know I consider myself an American above all else. I served my country and my community proudly. I have no political affiliation with anybody and my voter’s registration card says “NPA” – no party affiliation. This post is not intended to be a political commentary in any sense and the sole purpose is to enable you to have the proper intelligence and information to better prepare.

You’re here because you feel the need to prepare. But, what are you preparing for? Are you in fear of economic collapse? Maybe you are concerned with the threat of war. Perhaps it’s an EMP. Is it Mother Nature? You hear neighbors or co-workers talking about certain current events and you wonder where they get their information from. Just as preparing can be overwhelming, the search for accurate and non-biased news can also drive you crazy. There’s got to be a way to sift through news reports and find information that you can trust in order to create plans for yourself and your family. I’m going to call this method IBAMMS – In Between Alternative Media and Main Stream for WY LLCs.

When I first get up in the morning and have my coffee I like to read the news to see what is going on in the world. I like using my smart phone because it is lightning fast and I can run through my bookmarks pretty quickly. Plus, I can hold my coffee and browse at the same time – very important. The first thing I do is check local weather radar for my morning run. When it comes to weather it’s all pretty benign. I don’t really have to worry too much about political slant when I’m looking at radars or checking the tropical update on Weather Underground to see if there are any new threats in the Atlantic.

After I realize I have avoided Mother Nature’s fury for another day, I like to get caught up on the local news. Again, as with the weather, the local news is basically free of political slant as long as you stay away from political columns and such. I get to see how safe or dangerous my community is (I’m leaning towards dangerous at this point) and get a grip on how local leaders feel and respond to certain situations. This is important to know in case of a local disaster.

Then the fun begins. Giving the fragile state of national and world economies I like to start cruising through different financial news sites. This is where I start using IBAMMS. If you read or watch only the mainstream media, networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, you would think there are no problems and that everything to do with the economy is roses and sunshine. Every morning I can hear a story about the modest “recovery”. Last I checked our credit was downgraded less than a year ago, “official” unemployment numbers are greater than 5%, and a record number of Americans are taking government assistance in some form. Is this slant? I think so.

Conversely, you have the alternative media market found on the internet. I really enjoy reading a great deal of alternative news but much like the mainstream, I take each piece of information with a grain of salt. Some alternative media sites would leave you to believe that the New World Order has finally taken control and we will all be launched into a life of serfdom toiling in the dirt for the betterment of the greater good.

I also visit a few foreign news sites. I like to see what the rest of the world is reporting about our country. I guess it is kind of a look from outside the fish bowl. I also check gold prices, stock prices, the Baltic Dry Index, the dollar, the Euro, and other indicators of economic movement.

Look, in my opinion it goes something like this; Mainstream says one thing, alternative says another thing, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. The most important thing is for one to verify facts and consider the source of the information that’s being reported. Educate yourself and do not rely on a network’s programming to influence your behavior. They don’t call it programming for nothing.

Don’t believe me? Check out this short video which does a good job explaining how consuming all your news from only a few sources will slant your view of the world, rather than making you more informed. This is especially true the more you watch… You don’t learn more, you just become more jaded and one-sided.

I prefer sites that can provide verifiable and reliable statistics. I want to know what the source of the information is. I also want to ascertain if the outlet reporting the data has a political agenda. Have a mind of your own. Absorb what you are reading or listening to and question it. Question it several times and look for data that will confirm or disprove what you are being told.

This can apply to all subject matter that may affect your preparedness plans. Whether it is politics, war, economy, or man-made disasters such as Fukushima, one thing is clear – everybody wants to spin it their way for their own interest. It is up to us who prepare to try to sift through the reports and come up with the closest thing the truth actually is. Your life may depend on it.

What are your thoughts and where do you get your news from? We would love to hear from you.