Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

 Being free is one of our greatest treasures here in America. Being able to form your own company, fashion things with your own hands and take control of your destiny is something many will never have. Enjoy it. Take some risks. Be free.

Free Business Ideas

  1. Restaurant Delivery Service
  2. Call Center to take to go orders for restaurants
  3. Fiverr or other Freelance sites. (Check out our video: How to Make Money with No Money)

How to Start Your Dream Business

Joseph Michael started his business on the side. He had a family, a full-time job, and every excuse not to start.

He took the plunge anyway and began a blog about productivity. It didn’t gaining a lot of traction, but he kept on going.

One day, he was getting frustrated trying to teach his daughter how to tie her shoe. After some searching online he found a great trick that helped his daughter learn to tie her shoe in no time.

Since it helped him, he decided to write a blog post about it. Long story short, his post went viral.

That experience taught him that people get excited when you can help them relieve their pain. Now he knew how to find an idea that would actually pay him.

Enter Scrivener:

He started using Scrivener to help him write, and it was very difficult to learn. As he searched for help online he found that tons of other people struggling to learn Scrivener, but nobody was answering their questions.

He figured that if he could figure it out, then he could make and sell a course on it.

He worked at it every day until he had a version ready to sell, and it was a huge success.

Moral of the Story:

He started a blog that didn’t go anywhere. But through writing the blog he learned how to find a valuable product to create. He found a pain point and became quite successful.

Just Start Is Not…

  1. An excuse to publish crappy content or produce a crappy product. You don’t have to launch today. You just have to identify the next step and then do it.
  2. A complete picture… Yet. The path will always be changing. You don’t have the full plan up front, but you have the beginning of the plan. That is all you need for now.

Just Start Is…

  1. Making daily progress toward your vision. Be consistent.
  2. Making a beginning plan and always know what the next couple steps are.
  3. Knowing when to ask for help. Take somebody to lunch, bring on partners, or learn from experts online.
  4. Being willing to learn new skills.

How To Start

Be consistent. The small things that you do every day will eventually create your BIG vision.… Click To Tweet

If you are committed to your success, I recommend you read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The entire book is about the idea of Just Start (although he doesn’t call it that).

Your next action item to move toward your goal can be as small as making a call. Or buying a course. Or maybe it is just writing down all the ideas that you have (like we talked about in our last episode about finding a business idea).

First Things First – Entrepreneur 

Determine what you want. Like Ryan Westwood said in episode 002,

“You have to know the end goal from the beginning because the end goal will help you make all the right decisions along the way.” -Ryan Westwood

You have to start down what you think is the correct path so that you can find which pivots you need to make. You won’t find the correct pivots if you are standing still.

Don’t worry if you don’t love every aspect of your business. It’s OK to do some things that you don’t love in the business, as long as the overall idea gets you excited to wake up every morning. Visit NJ.