New Jersey, USA “Liberty”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice every where. Let justice roll down like waters and Righteouness like a mighty stream”


– Rev Martin Luther King JR

Martin Luther King

NJ: A State Legally Corrupt and Racist

MAKKAR V. STATE OF NEW JERSEY ET AL, MAKKAR V. WILF ET AL, UNN L 308 06 & 1007 06 CIVIL ACTION FILED AGAINST 189 POLITICIANS including Governor Corzine, Assemblyman Chivukula AND attorneys Warren Wilentz, John Anzalone, Torregrossa-O’Connor, Wiletz, Goldman, Spitzer, Seema Singh etc., stat

e & municipal employees AND some individuals FOR LEGALIZED CORRUPTION & RACIAL SEGRAGATION. (Summary of the Transcripts):

Dave: All these attorneys are more intelligent than me. All of them are more…

Judge Ross R. Anzaldi: I think you’re very intelligent. You’re putting together. You know you are making your effort to do what you feel is appropriate.

Dave: They are more intelligent than me. they are missing the point. These people are in an advantageous position and are more equal than others. If a person like me, who is FOB, fresh off the boat, can pinpoint the corruption. These people are part of the corruption and doing corruption and helping corruption. That’s very pathetic. I’m living in the most corrupt state of United States. 8.5 Million people are being governed by 566 Mayors, 600 Police Chiefs, 3,000 Councilmen. All kind of nonsense. You go to New York City, 8 Million people they have only 1 Mayor, 51 Councilmen and 1 Police Chief. This case involves massive corruption.

Judge: What Mr. Makkar does express, repeatedly, and most strongly, because I am convinced he feels this sincerely, is that there is corruption afoot, not only in the township of Springfield, but in the County of Union and in the state of New Jersey, That it’s systemic. He alleges that it’s systemic throughout the governmental agencies. Though I’m convinced he feels this sincerely, there is requirements that this Court must address. Therefore, I am compelled to dismiss…..his complaints….

(ha! ha! ha! my loyalty is towards Politicians who has put me in this office. Why I should care about the Residents they don’t have any role when it comes to my promotion or re-confirmation, so why I should treat this case as “Public Interest Litigation”)

Dave: I’m disappointed.

Judge: I can appreciate your frustration.

Dave: Is not frustration. These are the facts, I’m an illiterate person. And I’m dealing with very well educated people and they’re themselves involved in corruption. That’s it.

New Jersey Worst Example of Corruption & Racism

NJ is the worst example of racial segregation, moral and ethical corruption. Our schools are segregated, our housing is segregated and our municipalities are segregated. 38% of the population lives in 46 Towns and rest 62% lives in 520 Towns. Yet no one mention the word “Race” in this state. NJ is a very small state, yet it is overpopulated not with people, but with government in fact with governments. We have 25 times more Municipalities, School Boards and personals. Then we have 30 times more Elected officials. Here Politicians, can have 2-3 salaries, can be in the legislative and executive branch to build a hefty pension to loot the tax payers. In 38 states of America it is banned and in Indiana holding 2 offices is a Class D felony, on par with drug possession and punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

Newark the biggest Municipality here every public dollar spent, 81 cents comes from outside the city. $927 million dollar school budget only 86 million comes from local sources balance is state aid. $696 million Municipal budget, 40% revenue from outside city and rest from state & federal budget. Newark with 35.2% population of Essex County contributes only 17.6 % in taxes. Livingston, Millburn with 6% population contributes 18.9%. In 2004 Newark received more then $1.1 billion in Federal Aid.

Pennsylvania has a population 43 % higher than NJ and its geographic area is 4 times greater than NJ. So why is NJ budget 20% more; 5 Billion more then PA? New York City for 8 Million Residents has 1 Mayor, 51 Council Members, 1 Police Commissioner and 1 School Board Superintendent with 34 school districts. Why for 8.7 Million Residents of NJ we have 566 Mayors, over 3000 Council Members, 137 Free Holders, 80 Assembly Members, 40 State Senators, 580 Police Chiefs and 620 School Superintendents, 5,000 Board members besides a big battalion of employees?

8,000 sq. miles New Jersey with 588 governments for 8.5 million residents with a budget of $35 billion for the State & 38 Billion for 587 Local Governments and has a debt of $140 billion including unfunded liabilities like pension, medical & transport fund. Over 9,000 Elected officials, 400,000 State & Municipal Employees. Property taxes 58% higher than National average, collection in 2006 over $19 billion. Against National average $8,000 NJ Cost to educate a student $18,000 & $29,000 in Abbott Districts still 250,000 students can not comprehend in basic education. Surprisingly all the Abbott Districts also receive substantial Federal Aid besides large State Aid and largest unreported income from Crime in towns like Newark, Patterson, Jersey City etc all under Democrats. There is no match to NJ in the entire world. It is legally corrupt & racist despite 80,000 attorneys of New Jersey!

587 local governments in unevenly carved and populated 566 Towns. 411 Towns have a population of less than 10,000 or are in less than 2 sq. mile. If you further break it down; 212 Towns have less population than the day time population 5,845 for Elizabeth High School. Break it down further; 34 Towns with less than 5,000 residents, 34 Towns with less than 4,000 residents, 49 Towns with less than 3,000 residents, 48 Towns with less than 2,000 residents and 27 Towns are with less than 1,000 residents. The smallest town is Walpack with 35 and the largest is Newark with 285,000 residents.

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NJ governments are spending too much. Instead of 566 Municipalities; 21 Counties can provide educational, police, social welfare, health, recreation and other services to their residents. The time is now for a Constitutional convention to tackle the fundamental problem with NJ government’s corrupt and racist structure. Home rule is an ancient tradition whose time has passed. The costs in fact grossly out weigh the perceived benefits. We must modernize our government. The first order of business should be to prioritize what is important and eliminate what is no longer affordable or needed. Then find ways to improve economic conditions, which will increase state revenue to provide better facilities to the residents.

There must be accountability in public offices. Public deserves assurances that it can rely on the integrity, morality, honesty and secularism of its elected and appointed officials and there are ethical & economic reasons to put them in those public offices. We must inspire earnest and decent people to seek public office. Elected officials have to make a pledge to be worthy of Public Responsibility and that is the pledge they must never forget, never dismiss and never betray the Wyoming L.L.C. statutes.