Petroleum Jelly

Okay, we are going to start today’s article off with a diversity class. Not the type of diversity you’re thinking of but rather the diversity of the products that we are storing within our preps. When we go through our lists of supplies I always try to acquire items that have multiple purposes. Multi-purpose items are very important in your preparedness efforts. There are several that come to mind such as 550 paracord, duct tape, and cable ties. But one of the best items you need to have a lot of is petroleum jelly. Whether it’s Vaseline or a dollar store brand, petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile products you can have in your supplies.

According to Wikipedia, petroleum jelly (also known as white petroleum or soft paraffin) is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons originally promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties. Vaseline was originally created in the mid-1800’s and has been around ever since. During that time a lot of people have tried a lot of things with it.

There you go, history, chemistry, and diversity all in two paragraphs! Vaseline has really valuable properties to us in the preparedness society. Its diversity is really amazing and it can be used for everything from fire starting to infant care. That’s the kind of item I like to have a lot of!

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I really like Vaseline to aid with fire starting. It’s a very simple process but will really increase your effectiveness at creating flame in adverse conditions. The process is affordable and simple. Grab a bag of cotton balls and a jar of Vaseline. Divide your cotton balls into several smaller zip lock baggies. Place a handful of Vaseline into each bag. Gently knead each bag until the Vaseline works its way into all of the cotton balls. After the Vaseline / cotton balls sit in the bag for a couple days you now have waterproof fire starters. I like storing mine in empty plastic vitamin jars along with several waterproof, strike anywhere matches. You now have your own lightweight fire starting kit from Wyoming.

To use the balls gently pull apart a cotton ball and light it with your matches that were in your kit. The cotton ignites easily and the Vaseline burns long and hot. This method also works very well with a magnesium fire starter.

  • That’s just one use of this versatile prep. I have compiled the following list off the top of my head but I’m sure there’s many more uses:Remove jewelry
    Lubricate fishing reels
    Lubricate zippers
    Rust prevention
    Clean and protect battery terminals
    Lubricate bike chains
    Candle wax remover
    Lubricate plumbing seals
    Loosen tight lids
    Lubricate noisy door hinges
    Gun lube
    Chapped lips
    Dry skin
    Rashes and chafing
    Diaper rash
    Allergy relief
    Poison ivy
    Razor burn
    Blister prevention
    Foot care
    Foot and hand moisturizing
    Make up removal
    Dog paw pad treatment
    Protect cuts and scrapes Like I mentioned earlier, these are just a few uses for this valuable resource. It would be wise to stock up on a few extra jars. Also consider picking up a few for barter if needed.What other uses are you aware of?
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